Books On Cleaner Production

Study on Industry Involvement in the Integrated Approach to Financing the Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste

Circular Economy A Blueprint for the Future of Business

Resource Efficiency and Globalization

Design for a Sustainable Circular Economy

Development without Destruction: The UN and Global Resource Management

Design for a Sustainable Circular Economy

Waste Management as Economic Industry Towards Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Waste Valorization

Towards Zero Waste: Circular Economy Boost, Waste to Resources

A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains: Repair, Remake..

Climate Protection, Resource Efficiency, and Sustainable Engineering

Circular Economy: Global Perspective

Resource Efficiency, Sustainability, and Globalization: Exploring India – European Union Cooperation

International Perspectives on Industrial Ecology

Remanufacturing in the Circular Economy – Operations, Engineering and Logistics

Clean Energy from Waste

Industrial Pollution Prevention Handbook

Eco-Innovation in Industry (Enabling Green Growth)

Clean Energy and Resource Recovery (Wastewater Treatment Plants as Biorefineries)

Waste Management as Economic Industry Towards Circular Economy

Circular Economy (Case Studies about the Transition from the Linear Economy)

Circular Economy, Industrial Ecology and Short Supply Chain

Unlocking Industrial Resource Productivity: 5 core beliefs to increase profits through energy material, and water efficiency

Waste to Energy in the Age of the Circular Economy...

Resource Efficiency: Economics and Outlook for Asia and the Pacific

The Circular Economy Handbook: Realizing the Circular Advantage

Eco-industrial strategies: Unleashing Synergy between Economic Development and the Environment

Role of Circular Economy in Resource Sustainability

Resources, Efficiency and Globalization (The Academy of International Business)

Practicing Circular Economy

Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy: Towards a Wasteless Future or a Wasteful Planet ?

Industrial Resource Utilization and Productivity: Understanding the Linkages

Resource Efficiency of Processing Plants

Cleaner Production: Myth and Reality: Cleaner Production and Pollution Control

Circular Economy for the Management of Operations

Waste to Wealth

Green Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications

Circular Economy and Engineering

Book on Cleaner Production

Resource Efficiency in Manufacturing Value Chains

Industrial Symbiosis for the Circular Economy

Investing in Resource Efficiency

Cleaner Production – Toward a Better Future

100 Pioneers in Efficient Resource Management

Circular Economy: Global Perspective

Eco-efficiency using Cleaner Production Approach

Waste Management and Resource Efficiency

Energizing Cleaner Production: A Guide for Trainers

Cleaner Production Concept in Georgia: Opportunities and Barriers in the Introduction and Implementation

Cleaner Production Opportunities for the Sugar Industry in Belize

Life Cycle Assessment of Awastewater Treatment

Energy and Resource Efficiency in Aluminium Die Casting

The Role of Eco-Innovation For Promoting a Green Economy

Principles of Industrial Waste Management

Delivering the SustainaDevelopment Goals

Financing Resource Efficient and Cleaner Products by SMEs in the EU Eastern Partnership Countries

Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Reuse

Cleaner Production and Workplace Health & Safety

Design of A Cleaner Production Framework to Enhance Productivity

Eco- Innovation: The New Frontier of Eco-Industry and Green Growth

Cleaner Production : Greening of Industries for Sustainable Development

Pollution Prevention: Sustainability, Industrial Ecology, and Green Engineering

Environmental Management Systems and Cleaner Production

Industrial Ecology, 2nd Edition

Industrial Pollution Prevention

Eco-Innovation and the Development of Business Models

Cradle To Cradle:Remaking The Way We Make Things

cleaner production and energy conservation for Sustainable development

Greener Energy Systems: Energy Production Technologies with Minimum Environmental Impact

Green Products: Perspectives on Innovation and Adoption

Sustainable Bioenergy Production

Green Chemistry Laboratory Manual for General Chemistry

Clean Technology 2013: Bioenergy, Renewables, Storage, Grid, Waste and Sustainability Technical Proceedings of the 2013 CTSI Clean Technology Conference and Expo

Clean Technology 2008: CD-ROM

Clean Technology 2014: Energy, Renewables, Environment & Materials

Clean Coal Technologies for Power Generation

Clean Production: Environmental and Economic Perspectives

Energizing Cleaner Production: A Guide for Trainers (Includes CD-ROM)

Sustainable Industrial Design and Waste Management

The International Handbook on Environmental Technology Management

Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook 1998: Toward Cleaner Production

Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology:
A Dire Need for 21st Century Manufacturing

Cleaner Production in Industry: Integrating Business Goals and Environmental Management

Promoting cleaner production
in developing countries:
the role of development co-operation

Cleaner Production - A Training Resource Package

Handbook of Pollution
Prevention and Cleaner Production - Best Practices in The Petroleum Industry

Cleaner Production - Technologies and Tools for Resource Efficient Production

Water and Wastewater Management in the Tropics

Emerging Environmental Technologies

Clean Technology for the Manufacture of Specialty Chemicals

Clean technology and the environment

Employment impacts of cleaner production

Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy

Environmental Management Accounting for Cleaner Production

Plasma Technology for Hyperfunctional Surfaces:
Food, Biomedical, and
Textile Applications

Industrial Dyes: Chemistry, Properties, Applications

Environmental Management Systems and Cleaner Production

Environmental Management Systems and Cleaner Production

Handbook of Pollution Prevention
and Cleaner Production Vol. 2:
Best Practices in the Wood
and Paper Industries

Identification of Cleaner Production Improvement Opportunities

Cleaner Production - A Guide to Sources of Information

Cleaner Production Assessment in Fish Processing

Cleaner Production Assessment in Dairy Processing

Changing Production Patterns: Learning from the
Experience of National
Cleaner Poduction Centres

Cleaner Production Assessment in Meat Processing

Industry and Environment
Vol. 27

Industry and Environment Vol. 25
No. 3-4 Cleaner Production

Technologies for Cleaner Production and Products:
Towards Technological Transformation for Sustainable Development

Half is Enough

The Coal Handbook:Towards Cleaner Production:
1: Coal Production

Advances in Cleaner Production

CP & Its Applications
To Industries