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Title : Studies on the Characterization and Possibilities of Reutilization of Solid Wastes from a Waste Paper Based Paper Industry
Subject : Solid Waste Management
Issue No. : ISSN 1990-925X
Author Name : Suriyanarayanan. S., A.S. Mailappa, D. Jayakumar, K. Nanthakumar, K. Karthikeyan and S. Balasubramanian
Year : 2010
Pages : 18-22
Description :

The disposal of industrial wastes is a problem of increasing importance throughout the world. Sludge from paper mills are produced in large quantities in most industrial nations of the world today due to the large usage of paper, constitute one of our most serious environmental problems. Paper mill sludge has substantially little usage as a material that can be employed in other industrial applications. Because of its non-utility, the paper mill sludge is merely discarded, along with other waste cellulosic fiber, creating a remendous disposal problem. The characteristics of biosolids are variable and directly related to the technology used to pulp, the wood and manufacture the paper and to the type of effluent treatment that is employed.The aim of this work is to investigate and qualify the dried sludge from a recycled paper mill and the results were compared with the earlier reports and the possibilities of reutilization for composting / soil amendment were evaluated.