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Title : Coulson and Richardson’s Chemical Engineering
Subject : Particle Technology and Separation Processes
Volume No. : 2
Author Name : J. M. Coulson, J. F. Richardson
Year : 2002
Pages :
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In presenting Volume 2 of Chemical Engineering, it has been our intention to cover what we believe to be the more important unit operations used in the chemical and process industries. These unit operations, which are mainly physical in nature, have been classified, as far as possible, according to the underlying mechanism of the transfer operation. In only a few cases is it possible to give design procedures when a chemical reaction takes place in addition to a physical process. This difficulty arises from the fact that, when we try to design such units as absorption towers in which there is a chemical reaction, we are not yet in a position to offer a thoroughly rigorous method of solution. We have not given an account of the transportation of materials in such equipment as belt conveyors or bucket elevators, which we feel lie more distinctly in the field of mechanical engineering. In presenting a good deal of information in this book, we have been much indebted to facilities made available to us by Professor Newitt, in whose department we have been working for many years. The reader will find a number of gaps, and a number of principles which are as yet not thoroughly developed. Chemical engineering is a field in which there is still much research to be done, and, if this work will in any way stimulate activities in this direction, we shall feel very much rewarded. It is hoped that the form of presentation will be found useful in indicating the kind of information which has been made available by research workers up to the present day. Chemical engineering is in its infancy, and we must not suppose that the approach presented here must necessarily be looked upon as correct in the years to come. One of the advantages of this subject is that its boundaries are not sharply defined.