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Title : Graphical approaches for cleaner production and sustainability in process systems
Subject : Cleaner Production
Volume No : 366
Issue No : -
Author Name : Bohong Wang
Year : 2022
Pages : 132790
Editor : Elsevier
Description :

This work provides an overview of recent graphical approaches which can provide beneficial support for various applications enhancing cleaner production and, consequently, sustainability. Graphical tools, mostly based on a physical inside, play an important role in the decision-making process in engineering and can also be in cleaner production and contribute to sustainability. They have the advantage of illustrating the process by providing clear insight. This paper reviews the graphical approaches to show the developing timeline and trend of some tool series and the method of implementing these tools for specific issues. The review focuses on the energy, water, material, pollution and greenhouse gas emission reduction and also the safety issues that may affect human health and the normal production process. A total of 48 visual tools, especially some classic and widely used diagrams, are illustrated, and their characteristics are analyzed. The future direction and potential of graphical tools to include the consideration of flexibility and reliability in cleaner production to reduce energy/water/material consumption and emissions in a longer period and to avoid harm to human health and living conditions have been assessed. The development of efficient concepts and visualizations for Circular Economy implementations is also an important area to be tackled.