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Title : Sustainable cleaner production through process integration, modeling and optimization
Subject : Cleaner Production
Volume No : 380
Issue No : -
Author Name : Yee Van Fan
Year : 2022
Pages : 134849
Editor : Elsevier
Description :

A cleaner production, looking beyond greenhouse gas mitigation, has been stressed as that climate change is not the only issue to worry about. However, the related processes have to be as well sustainable from the technology, economic, and social viewpoints. This editorial introduces the articles' collection and overall development trends of sustainable cleaner production under the Special Issue of Sustainable Cleaner Production through Process Integration, Modeling and Optimization. All collected papers have been presented and emerged from the 24th conference on Process Integration, Modeling and Optimization for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction (PRES′21), Brno, Czech Republic, in hybrid mode.