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Title : How does sharing economy advance cleaner production? Evidence from the product life cycle design perspective
Subject : Cleaner Production and Product Lifecycle Design Perspective
Volume No : 424
Issue No : -
Author Name : Thanh Tiep Le
Year : 2023
Pages : 138806
Editor : Elsevier
Description :

This study's main goal was to clarify the correlation between Circular Economy Practices (CEP), Eco-Innovation (ECI), Cleaner Production (CLP), and the Resilience of Production Systems (RePS). This experiment research utilized primary data collected from a questionnaire-based survey. There was a total of 499 valid responses. The partial least-square structural equation model was used for the empirical analysis. The results state that CEP, directly and indirectly, affects RePS through ECI and CLP. In this link, ECI and CLP mediate the link between CEP and ReSP. This study suggests that comprehensively adopting CEP enables ECI and CLP, in turn facilitating the resilience of the production system. This study expands circular economy literature by maintaining an integrated framework that empirically proves the integration of elements of circular economy practices, ecological innovation, and cleaner production in driving resilience of production systems for growing enterprises in rising economies. This study could prove to be of interest to researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.