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Title : Applications of recycled paper mills Effluents to wood substitutive products (respro): executive
Subject : Recycling and Reuse
Issue No. : ISSN 1885-6292
Author Name : Shiung Lam and Howard A. Chase
Year : 2012
Pages : 4209-4232
Description :

This contribution is a synthesis of the final technical report of the project “Applications of recycled paper mills effluents to wood substitutive products -RESPRO-” which was funded by the European Commission under the Brite/Euram program. The project increased alternative management of primary sludge from pulp and paper mills. Particularly, those non-destructive alternatives related to the reutilization of sludges in pulp and paper industry and to the recycling of this waste in the wood sector. The main objective of the project was to study the technical feasibility of these alternatives at a precompetitive level.