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Title : Cleaner production in New Zealand: taking stock
Volume No. : 15
Author Name : Greg Brown Lesley Stone
Year : 2007
Pages : 716–728
Description :

New Zealand has seen a significant change in attitude and behaviour toward sustainable business practices since the late 1980s when the introduction of cleaner production marked the beginning of a change in the way the relationship between business and the environment was perceived. The context of this change is important. New Zealand is unique in terms of its relative geographic isolation and as a consequence human settlers encountered a unique ecosystem, dominated by avian species and without mammalian predators. Subsequent anthropogenic activity has seriously impacted New Zealand's biodiversity and sustainability is seen by many as a way of restoring, or at least conserving the remnant of that unique ecosystem. The country's natural environment and resources, the shape of business and the health of the economy all colour the way and rate at which sustainability is adopted. This paper charts that change and provides a perspective on relevant policy, research and intervention initiatives over the last 15 years or so and discusses the challenges that face New Zealand in a global market.