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Title : Microplastics are taken up by mussels and lugworms living in natural habitats
Subject : Environmental Pollution
Issue No. : 199
Author Name : Lisbeth Van Cauwenberghe, Michiel Claessens, Michiel B. Vandegehuchte, Colin R. Janssen
Year : 2015
Pages : 10–17
Description :

In this study, microplastic concentrations were assessed in different environmental compartments along an 80 km stretch of coast. Apart from sampling the sediment and water compartments, two organisms inhabiting these compartments were collected as well and their plastic body burden assessed. Additional lab experiments were performed to which allowed the authors to estimate the retention capacity for microplastics of the animals which was in the order of 0.003% for the studied mussel and 0.6-2% for a lugworm. This study is important because it allows to link field and laboratory data and can be used to assess exposure through the food chain and finally human exposure