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Title : Fixed bed downdraft gasification of paper industry wastes
Subject : Gasification and CHP Energy
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Author Name : M. Ouadi , J.G. Brammer , M. Kay , A. Hornung
Year :
Pages : 1-23
Description :

The two main wastes generated from secondary fibre paper mills are rejects (composed mainly of plastics and fibres) and de-inking sludge, both of which are evolved from the pulping process during paper manufacture. The current practice for the disposal of these wastes is either by land-spreading or land-filling. This work explores the gasification of blends of pre-conditioned rejects and de-inking sludge pellets with mixed wood chips in an Imbert type fixed bed downdraft gasifier with a maximum feeding capacity of 10 kg/hr. The producer gases evolved would generate combined heat and power (CHP) in an internal combustion engine. The results show that as much as 80 wt % of a brown paper mill‟s rejects (consisting of 20 wt % mixed plastics and 80 wt % paper fibres) could be successfully gasified in a blend with 20 wt % mixed wood chips. The producer gas composition was 16.24 % H2, 23.34 % CO, 12.71 % CO2 5.21 % CH4 and 42.49 % N2 (v/v %) with a higher heating value of 7.3 MJ/Nm3 . After the removal of tar and water condensate the producer gas was of sufficient calorific value and flow rate to power a 10 kWe gas engine. Some blends using rejects from other mill types were not successful, and the limiting factor was usually the agglomeration of plastics present within the fuel.