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Title : Best available techniques assessment for coal gasification to promote cleaner production based on the ELECTRE-II method
Subject : Best Available Techniques
Volume No : 129
Issue No :
Author Name : Zongguo Wen
Year : 2016
Pages : 12-22
Editor : Elsevier
Description :

Coal-To-Methanol is a key component in the coal chemical industry and methanol production, as well as large source of pollutants, mainly Chemical Oxygen Demand and Sulphur Dioxide. As a general technique and basis of follow-up processes in the coal chemical industry, selection and assessment of coal gasification techniques plays a crucial role in pollution control and cleaner production. This study explores the best available techniques for cleaner coal gasification production based on the ELECTRE-II method—a widely-used outranking method for multi-criteria decision making. Taking technical features, applicability, environmental and economic benefits into consideration, Gaskombinat Schwarze Pumpe, Shell, opposed multiple burner, Texaco, and atmospheric gasification were selected as the best available techniques from 10 coal gasification techniques. Based on these results, newly-built large-scale Coal-To-Methanol enterprises should select Gaskombinat Schwarze Pumpe. Medium-scale and non-recurring investment limited enterprises should adopt opposed multiple burner or Texaco. Shell is recommended for use in urban gas and thermal power plants. For former small-scale fixed-bed Coal-To-Methanol (or polygeneration) enterprises, atmospheric gasification is recommended to transform conditional fixed-bed gasification technologies. We conclude that the ELECTRE-II method is suitable for assessing coal gasification techniques and identify mature, environmental-friendly, and well-adaptable coal techniques with low construction investment, low running costs, intensive capacity of single-furnace gasification and high automation as best available techniques. This study provides a scientific reference for enterprise managers to choose appropriate coal-to-methanol techniques. Moreover, the introduced index system and the detailed procedure for selecting best available techniques serve as a basis for policy-making about the best available techniques in the coal chemical industry and other industries.+