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Title : The implementation of cleaner production practices from Malaysian manufacturers' perspectives
Subject : Cleaner Production
Volume No : 108
Issue No : Part A
Author Name : Muhamad Zaki Yusup
Year : 2015
Pages : 659-672
Editor : Elsevier
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Description: This article investigates the extent to which cleaner production practices have been adopted and implemented in Malaysia's manufacturing industry. Using survey data from 107 respondents among Malaysian manufacturers, a psychometric analysis was conducted and evaluated. The results indicate that the use of cleaner production practices in Malaysia is primarily driven by the requirement to comply with the environmental protection rules and regulations that are enforced. It is also influenced by product groups and the certification status of management systems. All of these factors are vital in ensuring that every activity and the actions taken in managing manufacturing operations become more environmentally friendly. This finding will be very useful in future work with regard to establishing the feasibility of the model in shaping a better framework for promoting cleaner production practices, primarily among Malaysian manufacturers.